Meet the Director

Innovation Station Learning Academy is the lifelong dream of Shana Hawthorne. Shana has been an educator for the last 18 years. She began her career as a substitute teacher and transitioned from the public school district serving as a campus principal for 8 years. She is dedicated to the intellectual and emotional growth of our children as well as the overall health of the families she serves.

What Drives and Motivates Us:

Children deserve adults who care about their success and well-being by giving them a head start in life and capitalizing on their ability to learn, grow, and discover. At Innovation Station Learning Academy, we create authentic experiences for children to connect to the real world while imagining and believing in the impossible.

At Innovation Station Learning Academy, adults value the individuality of each child and understands the power of love, mutual respect, and emotional stability. This is evident with each interaction. Not all children learn the same way, but all children can learn.